It happens with everyone, your stomach won’t listen when you are actually dieting, or controlling your portions. You still crave for larger portions or that junk that you omitted. It doesn’t just happen to you alone, almost everyone faces this at one point in time.   Before an actual binge upon all that you find, please read the below food items that you can rely on those times when your hunger pang strikes.

Eggs, eggs, and eggs!

There is a reason for all those breakfast ads, or even the highest rated hotel serving eggs for everyday breakfast. Everyone vouch for a high protein food, lean meat, and eggs. Eggs are high in protein, so much that it fills your tummy faster and keeps your fuller for long. But, wait don’t hurry, eating eggs is good, but the timings also matter.   Eating eggs in the morning is always good, as it keeps you full for longer till you reach your lunch hour. Eating at the other times will not help you in a way as eating at breakfast because the stomach is empty for a longer duration and needs something to munch upon. So give a try this time, be prepared to counter attack your tummy for those hunger pangs.

Fats are good too!

Not all fats are bad; there are some good fats too! In the name of clean eating, don’t trash away all the fat, oils. Few good ones like the groundnuts and olives and avocados oil are very good for your health, they contain essential fatty acids. These oils or even the sources themselves have oleic acid, an ingredient that is present in these foods.   During the digestion process, this is converted into a compound that indirectly stops the hunger striking signals to your brain. You can take in a spoon or 2 of peanut butter.

Potatoes are your friend, in reality!

Many of us avoid potatoes in the diet thinking they are high in carbohydrates and gassy substances. But believe us, when taken in limited amounts; they are going to be your stomach friends.   The starch in the potatoes has appetite suppressing properties that keep you full for longer time. They take a long time in breaking down in your tummy and reaching your intestines, and hence postpone your hunger pangs. Rather than eating them with a lot of stuff, eat them by just baking with light herbs, make salads.

Get set, Sweat!

Sweating is the best way to suppress your appetite. Sweating is not just good for your body toning, but it’s good to make you feel light. Aerobic exercises are said to lower ghrelin level and increase the appetite-suppressing hormone in the body, which makes you forget your mid-hunger pangs and keep you fresh and light. An intensity workout for an hour per day will help you to keep your hunger at bay, so forget pangs when you start with exercises.

Aromatic smells:

Some foods have a power of strong aroma that triggers your brain to feel a sense of fullness. Based on some study and experiments, it is seen that smelling peppermint aroma every 2 hours, ate lesser calories over the week and have lost subsequent weight.   Even banana and green apple and even the vanilla had the same effects with appetite suppression when taken regularly will help you lose more weight. Stress binging is more common in many people today, with fast pacing lifestyle. So, when you are stressed out, just sniff a candle at the time. In case you still have the problem, then hold your left nostril and sniff through right one to activate the right side of the brain. It will help you in reducing your stress levels and your anxiety levels.

Wonder Fruit Grapefruit:

Grapefruit is no wonder a miracle fruit that aids in weight loss. But taken in excess quantity it really has side effects.  Take the grapefruit in moderation levels, with each meal, it is sure to help you in suppressing the appetite pangs and help you stay out of munching. These yellow fruits have seen to lower the levels of insulin post meal, which regulates the blood sugar and metabolism. Rather than popping up some vitamins or pills, it’s always best to look into your pantry or kitchen to get some immediate relief. If the above foods don’t work for you, head over to express health shop for a large selection of appetite suppressants and weight loss pills.